Gummee Teething Gloves Plus (Gigitan Bayi)

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Gummee Glove is designed to fit on a baby’s hand just like a normal baby mitten. It has an adjustable closure around the wrist, so you can be sure of a secure fit. This puts an end to teethers being thrown on the ground and relieves the stress of having to get it cleaned and replaced as quickly as possible!

The teethers on the glove are designed so that when baby brings their hand to their mouth, they are exactly the right angle for baby to chew on. There is a teether on both sides, so it doesn’t matter which hand it is worn on.

Once baby is familiar with the glove, they can then explore and chew on the included attachable teething ring, or you can just remove it and they can use it as a separate teether if they prefer.

Please check your baby’s hand and wrist measurements before ordering!

Measurements (taken from inside) length: 9.5cm from top to bottom.

Width inside: 9.5cm

Around the wrist: 15.5cm (fastened at widest point)



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