Babygo Inc DOME Cooler Bag Backpack

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  • Cooler Backpack deisgned for moms who demand a stylish cooler bag.
  • With a total of 10 organizers, and expandable upper storage, now you can bring your expressed breastmilk, large breastpump , pumping bottles, and other necessities in just one bag!
  • Made from high quality thermal insulated foil, your expressed breastmilk can be kept for 12 hours with just one ice gel pack.
  • This bag is also 100% leak proof on the bottom part, no need to worries when you spill your breastmilk.
  • Comes with built in stroller hooks, this dome cooler backpack can be hung on any type of strollers for your convenience.
  • Also, this cooler backpack can be used as thermal bag to bring thermos, baby food jar and milk bottles to keep them warm for 3 to 4 hours.

2 rubber pockets at front
1 wipes storage
2 rubber side pockets
1 net storage at foil compartment
2 rubber pockets at upper compartment
1 built in hooks at upper compartment
1 net storage at upper compartment
Spesifikasi :
1. Dimension: L x W x H = 27 x 20 x 36 cm
2. Lower height 18 cm, upper height 18 cm
3. Outer : Multi Layer Coated Polyester Fabric
4. Upper Inner : Bright Orange Waterproof Furing
5. Lower Inner : Fully insulated compartment with thick thermal foil
6. Additional Front Compartment
7. Leak Proof 100%
8. Strong Handle
9. Adjustable Shoulder Straps
10. Built in Stroller Hooks
11. Hot / Cold Storage 12. Around 8 – 12 hours storage time (based on the room temperature with an ice gel pack)
13. Free 500gr ice gel pack
14. Weight : 800gr


Babygo Inc

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Berat 1.3 kg

Black, Blue, Grey


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