BabyGO Inc COCO Mini Cooler Bag

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Coco Cooler Bag, a simple, medium capacity cooler bag that could hold up tp 12-14 (100cc) bottles and also could accomodate pumping bottles attached to funnels. Mommy could storage up to 3 packs of frozen ice gels above the breastmilk bottle storage to maintain its freshness longer ( 20 – 24 hours of cold storage). Could also be used as a mini diaper bag and lunch bag to store warm food thermos
With 8 organizers to store other essential items, making sure mommy’s belongings are well organized. Dual function use as a slingbag and as a backpack, this cooler bag not only functional but also stylish

Variant : Black / Blue
Bonus Items: 500gr ice gel pack & Shoulder Strap
Dimensions ( L x W x H) : 27 x 13 x 29 cm
Weight: 600 gr

Sling / Backpack Usage
Large Cooler Storage (upwards)
Waterproof Furing
High Quality Thermal Foil
(Leak Proof 100%)

Hot / Cold Storage

Storage time:
(based on the room temperature with an ice gel pack)
Cold Storage : 8 -12 hours
Hot Storage : 3 – 4 hours

(based on the room temperature with 3 ice gel pack)
Cold Storage : 20 -24 hours

Storage capacity :
up to 12-14 bottles (100-125cc)
Can store up to 3 babyGo gel packs 500 gr along with bottles

4 rubber pockets
1 middle storage
1 pacifier hooks
2 side pockets
1 Back storage


Babygo Inc

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Berat 1 kg

Blue, Black


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