Babygo Inc AEON Diaper Bag Backpack

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L x W x H : 25cm x 14cm x 38cm

AEON Backpack is a stylish modern diaper bag that will cater mom and dad’s needs. This backpack has a total of 13 organizers ,4 easy access zippers, 1 teether hook, and 1 toy holder. The front compartment of this backpack has 2 easy access to separate baby wipes and dry tissue, making it easier for parents to grab wipes or tissues according to their needs. With the help of 2 insulated pockets at the front compartment, mom can bring small thermos and milk bottles, and keep them warm for a longer period of time

This backpack also has large side pockets that can accomodate 2 kids bottles. At the back of this backpack, mom can store phone on easy access pocket. Also, there is an easy access zipper to reach the bottom of the main compartment. When bringing stroller, this backpack can be hung on the stroller using built in stroller hooks attached at the backstraps on this backpack.


Babygo Inc

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Berat 1 kg

Black, Brown, Navy


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